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Friday, October 9, 2009

Free Sample Dromeo Pain Relief Analgesic Lotion


Tell them you heard it from a friend .

Limited Time —
Free Sample Offer!
Dromeo Pain Relief Analgesic Lotion
We wish you were here... because every time we get people to try Dromeo for themselves, they can't believe how great it feels! Trade shows, store demonstrations — wherever we find somebody willing to rub some Dromeo on their sore shoulder, arm, neck, hands, ankles, feet, etc. — a sampling turns people into customers.
They get relief because they're here, and you don't even get to try it. It hardly seems fair, does it?
We're going to change that. Today we want to send you a free sample you can try for yourself! Yes, if you have never tried Dromeo, we will send you a sample packet in the mail — no obligation whatsoever. Send no money. Owe us nothing. Just promise us you will try it.
Dromeo is deep penetrating (16% Emu Oil!), with a no-stain formula — renowned for easing pain and inflammation in aching muscles and joints. Just use as directed for fast, soothing relief. You'll feel the difference in minutes.
To get a sample headed your way, just provide the information below. And thanks for trying Dromeo Pain Relief Analgesic Lotion. You'll be glad you did.
☑ "Yes! Send me a sample of Dromeo Pain Relief Analgesic Lotion. I understand this is a free offer. I pay nothing now, and owe nothing later."

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